Monday, August 30, 2010


Today my daughter came home and told me about a girl in her cheer squad that had stolen a few items from another cheer girls home. I never asked her who yet, and she continued telling me the story about the incident. So as a mother my advice was to turn the girl in to coach's and to not get involved personally with the girl that had stolen the items. My daughter says to me "mom she had spent the night Friday." {Friday night we had 3 girls spend the night. } Damn that sucks that means one of the girls that stayed, one that I liked, thought I could trust, had stolen something from someone Else's home. My daughter had already talked to the coach at this point. Then my daughter told me her name...... This really sucks, I say to her. I had phone conversations with the girls mother and was texting back in forth, I now feel bad because I told my daughter to tell on her if she knows something or had saw something. I also told my daughter I am not allowing my daughter to hang out with her, and she is not welcomed in our home.... what to do? How do I avoid the conflicts of the thoughts that are going to be running threw my mind when I actually have to face the girl and mother in person. My daughter was told her confidently will be kept, but I am sure a leak will be coming soon, control damage is in need.

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